Hello! My name is Margarita Brodie.

Some have called me an autodidact. Others have dubbed me a factotum. All I can say about myself with complete certainty is, I am a person who loves to transform things into visual works of art. Hand me a discarded children's play set, and I'll turn it into an 8' mask. Write me a song, and I'll direct a musical. Give me a text, and I'll imagine its world into bold, textured space. Hand me a camera, and I'll take your portrait. Pass me a paintbrush, and I'm bound to get a little paint above my eyebrow. 

In any case, I love making things that have soul and stir wonder in the audiences who behold them. And I love making these things with other people.

I'm originally from Unionville, Ontario, where I graduated from the drama program at Unionville High School. After a gap year spent interning with the Toronto International Film Festival, I attended the three-year Set & Costume Design Program at the National Theatre School of Canada, graduating in May 2020. Upon graduating, I received the Ada Slaight Award for Leadership and Empathy while working in French and English.

Margarita Brodie