During my first year at the National Theatre School, I worked with director Micheline Chevrier under the guidance of designer Pierre-Étienne Locas, in developing a set concept for one of three of Elfriede Jelinek's 'Princess Plays'. I chose Jackie. The final design was a huge Warhol-esque billboard that Jackie herself would have to pull up as she spoke her monologue. This created a growing picture of a woman struggling to hold up a glossy image of herself as she mourns the loss of her husband, and expresses regret in the life she chose.

Many of Warhol's prints in addition to his portraits of women like Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe were comments on  American commodities- the coke bottle, the soup can, the hamburger. I wanted to explore the question: "what happens if the image you spend your whole life holding up, isn't really you?". I think the contrast between the small woman and her overshadowing image, helps us to see Jackie in a new light. Not only does this allow us to empathize with her, but we gain a better understanding of her strength.

The painting used in this set concept is a reproduction of Andy Warhol's Red Jackie, 1964.